5 Chrome Extensions That Make Donating to Charity Easy

5 Chrome Extensions That Make Donating to Charity Easy

In today’s world, we have access to a wide variety of technology and online resources that keep us plugged into news and events happening worldwide.

In many cases, this access to seemingly endless information can be a good thing! Typing a few words in a search engine can lead you to learn about cultures different from your own, connect with people who share your interests, find artistic inspiration, and much, much more.

However, this constant access to information can be overwhelming, especially when witnessing issues and tragedies across the globe and in our own communities.

The good news is that, with some pretty simple technology, we can also access resources to get involved and contribute to positive change! Here is a list of five Chrome extensions you can find in the Google Chrome Web Store that connect you to organizations and companies doing the groundwork necessary to change our world.


Fundrage is a free, easy-to-use Chrome extension that offers donation suggestions to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations related to the article you’re currently reading.

Fundrage only suggests nonprofits that are four-star rated on Charity Navigator, and will only display nonprofits on national news websites. Fundrage is committed to helping users provide financial support where it can make the most impact for local communities and throughout the world.


Ecosia is a search engine tool that uses online resources and ads in search to power a tree-planting initiative in more than 35 countries. Simply download the Ecosia extension and use the tool as you would any other search engine extension. Ecosia uses income from search ads, and partners with local organizations, to plant trees in countries like Brazil, Thailand, Guatemala, and more.

Using this search engine extension helps to plant trees, protect biodiversity, and keep you informed about various environmental efforts the world over.


Opentabs is a Chrome extension that allows you to save trees as you browse. 

For every five new tabs opened, Opentabs uses the income generated from search ads to fund charity efforts to save trees across the globe. New tabs opened with Opentabs include stunning graphics, widgets, and valuable information about how to become more involved in efforts to save the planet.

Opentabs also replaces the ads that come across your browser, and instead, shows ads focused on environmental efforts worldwide. Opentabs is a free search engine extension that can be used on both Google Chrome and Safari. 

Tabs for a Cause

Tabs for a Cause is a tool that assists various charities with fundraising.

When you download the Tabs for a Cause extension, you will be prompted to choose a charity committed to working toward human rights, water, education, health, or the environment. Then, whenever you open a new tab, Tabs for a Cause sponsors will donate money to your chosen charity. One tab generates between one-tenth and one-third of a penny, which can add up quickly! Tabs for a Cause users have raised more than one million dollars in funding for charities around the world.


DoneGood is a browser tool that helps you use your purchasing power for good. When shopping in your Google Chrome browser, DoneGood suggests alternative products from companies that are responsibly sourced and eco-friendly. All orders purchased through DoneGood offer carbon-free shipping and come from brands committed to paying their employees fair wages and practicing environmentally conscious production methods.

To date, DoneGood has diverted more than $2 million to companies actively working to make the world a better place.

Make a Change with Chrome Extensions Today

If you feel compelled to get involved and take action, we encourage you to try out one of these Chrome charity extensions. These affordable online tools are an easy and exciting way to make a difference in the world and your community—all made possible by simply using Chrome while browsing. We all have the power to show our support and create positive change on both local and international levels. How will you take action?

Click to Download the Fundrage Extension and Other Do-Good Chrome Extensions Today.
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