Which charities will Fundrage suggest?

We know there are a lot of different organizations you could support, and it's only natural that you will want to trust the nonprofits you choose to donate to.

Fundrage only suggests 501(c) 3 nonprofits that are rated four stars and above on Charity Navigator, so you can be assured your donations are going to a legitimate, established
nonprofit pushing for progress in its respective area.

What websites will Fundrage appear on?

The Fundrage icon will only appear on specific news websites. We aren't in the business of telling you where to get your news, but we did select new sources based on the media bias chart.

Fundrage won't appear on sites that are hyper-partisan (one way or the other) and will only appear on sites in the “fact-based news” column. Fundrage follows the facts.

What will the first version of Fundrage be like?

The first version of Fundrage will be a beta version, not the final product. That's why we need your help to make it as user-friendly as possible! The system uses machine
learning to provide you with the most relevant charity suggestions, so the more you use Fundrage, the better it works.

If you aren't liking the initial suggestions, keep using
the extension to receive more targeted nonprofits.

How can I provide feedback?

Contact us with comments, questions, and general inquiries.


Channel your emotions in productive ways with Fundrage.

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