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We understand how overwhelming it can be to witness challenges, difficulties, and tragedies in your community and throughout the world and feel hopeless. That’s why we developed a free, user-friendly Chrome extension to connect you with nonprofits and other organizations working to create positive change.

Here, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you become more familiar with Fundrage and our mission.

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How does the Fundrage Extension work?

The Fundrage extension is free, easy to use, and only takes a few minutes to download! Here’s how it works:

  1. Click to download the Fundrage Chrome extension
  2. After Fundrage has been added to your Chrome browser, create your personal account.
  3. Once your personal account is set up, simply read the news and the Fundrage icon will appear. Click an article that makes you want to take action, and Fundrage will suggest registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits to support (without ever having to leave the page you’re on!).

How many charities does Fundrage work with?

There are countless organizations you can support, and we understand the importance of donating to a nonprofit you can trust. That’s why Fundrage only suggests registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits rated four stars and above on Charity Navigator. Currently, Fundrage works with more than 3,000 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Does Fundrage work with nonprofits based outside the U.S.?

Fundrage currently only recommends nonprofit organizations that are headquartered in the United States. However, many of these organizations have an international reach. This means your donations are still contributing to meaningful change on a global scale!

Does Fundrage work on news sites based outside the U.S.?

At this time, Fundrage only operates with news websites and channels based in the United States. However, many U.S.-based news sites cover international news. That means if you are reading a story about a crisis in another country that stirs you to act—as long as the article is on a U.S.-based website—Fundrage can still connect you to nonprofits working to address the issue.

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